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Green Spinach Soup

May 1, 2012
  • Green Spinach Soup

Blend the Spinach or mixed greens with cilantro, peeled fresh garlic, small pinch of salt and pepper, one cube of chicken stew goya, potatoes, and carrots.

First cut the potatoes and carrots into cubes and have a medium to large boiling pot ready. Leave in until the veggies are soft. You can test it with a fork by poking through it.

Blend the greens with the spices in them already. Make sure you make it reasonably thick with the spinach and less water. Remember Spinach is about 70% water. Test the blend and make sure it’s suitable to your taste, I suggest more cilantro, rather than salt or garlic.

Once the veggies are soft, add on the green blend and stir. Lower the fire and leave in until boil. Taste and slurp. No noodles needed, but it’s optional.


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